Short Films

No Longer Be Alone

The Making of No Longer Be Alone


Megan joins a telemarketing firm to get out of a rut and meets George, who is down on his luck, and a drifter named Frank, who just wants to make a buck.

Cast and Crew:
Brenda Gayles - Executive Producer
R Hill - Producer
James Bakoles - Assistant Producer
Sarah Anderson - Lead Actress
Chris Chavez - Lead Actor

This film was made for the 48 Hour Film Project.

Linear Notes

Baseline Bouncers was founded by Brenda Gayles asked R Hill to team up to produce a short film for the Seattle 48 Hour Film Project.  R Hill asked Jimmy Bako to assist, and cast Sarah Anderson and Chris Chavez as our lead actors.

On Friday, July 13 2018, at 7 pm we picked 2 random genres out of a hat and our choices were either musical or horror. We went with musical as it has a broader of spectrum and could be a drama, rom-com, dark comedy, suspense - a lot more options to play with.

Once we had the script in place, we shot a majority of our film in front of a green screen and limited our off-property shoots to a minimum.

Required elements:
Genre - Musical
Character - Noa Reuben, a baker
Dialogue - "Oh, come on. It's only five bucks!"
Prop - a puzzle