SAC XI – Awards

SAC XI – Awards

John Sechrest, the event organizer of the eleventh Seattle Angel Conference, brings out a large check and shares how the deliberation went; he also gives information on how to get involved in the next Seattle Angel Conference, SAC XII.

Bob Crimmins, the emcee, invites the six finalist and their teams up to the stage: MetaArcadeSafKan Ear CareCross Connection ControlSignl.fmStriveBridgeCare Finance.

Bob introduces a couple of sponsors who have awards for the participants: Bill Hankes from Sqoop and Marc Williams from Active Labs.

Bob also announces BridgeCare Finance as the winner of the Audience Choice Award and then invites Richard von Hagel, the SAC XI LLC Manager, to award the winner of SAC XI with a symbolic check of $145 thousand dollars.


SafKan Ear Care is declared the winner of the symbolic check and the Co-founder, Sahil Diwan, shares how grateful he is for the Seattle Angel Conference due diligence process and how it has helped all of the companies that participated.

John Sechrest congratulates the presenters and reminds them that this is just the beginning and that they all have champions supporting them now. He also introduces the next SAC LLC Manager, Jay Beavers and urges everyone to get involved in angel investing and to help keep the cycle going.

SAC XI – Fireside Chat

Geoff Harris, the Co-founder of Flying Fish  Venture Partners, has a candid conversation with Beth Kolko, the CEO of Shift Labs, about her experiences with starting her business and going through the process of raising funds for it.

Beth explains how she created a new business model for her medical device company and needed an environment to support the risks involved. Geoff talks about the role startup accelerators and incubators play and Beth shares what she learned from her participation in some of them.

Geoff and Beth field questions from the audience and Beth is asked to clarify what she loves about creating a startup and if her business assumptions have changed. They both respond to a query about the differences in startup evaluations between Seattle and the Valley and share their perspectives on the issue.

SAC XI – Flying Fish

Bob Crimmins, the emcee of the eleventh Seattle Angel Conference, introduces Geoff Harris, one of three Co-founders of Flying Fish Venture Partners, the newest venture capital fund in Seattle.

Geoff tells us how he got hooked on investing, why his firm believes that the next several billion dollar companies will be built in Seattle, and that they may have already started.

He shows how Seattle has a long history of innovation and has been the entrepreneurial home of businesses built to last and references some of the recent successes.

Geoff explains how Seattle ranks with other cities in Series A deals and how local venture capitalist firms should be investing. He then goes into detail about the positive indicators he sees over the next five years and shares how his firm plans to work with the community.

SAC XI – BridgeCare Finance

Audra Jung, the Co-founder and COO of BridgeCare Finance, shares how they are the first consumer lending platform for childcare. Audra describes who their early adopters are, and explains how both parties benefit in the short and long term.

Audra tells us about the opportunities BridgeCare Finance has within their 35 billion dollar market and how they are ramping up for rapid growth and built to sustain it.

Allen Neiman, the Due Diligence team leader, reports on how BridgeCare Finance is handeling the legal aspects of getting licensed in different states and how they expect to support possible financial assumptions. Allen also talks about the feedback they got from experts on raising debt capital and inquires about the state of the team.

Jamee Herbert, the CEO of BridgeCare Finance, reponds and explains how they have recently added a Chief Technical Officer to their team and began development of their product.

SAC XI – Strive

Nikola Mrvaljevic, of Strive, explains how they produce smart clothing that tracks, measures and correlates key fatigue indicators that helps athletes and military personnel perform better. Nikola shows how Strive plans to capture a portion of a 15 billion dollar market with its high-end wearables and data analytics.

Katie Rezaei, the Due Diligence team leader, reports on how Strive is prepared to take their wearables to market and gets clarity on how Strive would build their customer base.


Kim Hansen, The CEO and Co-founder of, shares how her team has created a social media interface for podcasts by taking a time-shifted media and turning it into an easily shareable experience with their transcription player and how is preparing to launch their product.

Stephen Hord, the Due Diligence team leader, shares their discoveries on how the talented team has an early opportunity to capture an emerging podcast industry.

SAC XI – Cross Connection Control

Jeremiah Church, the Co-founder of C3Backflow, explains the process of protecting our drinking water and keeping it safe with proper backflow systems.

Jeremiah shares how C3Backflow plans to earn revenue in a 3 billion dollar market that is drowning in paperwork by providing a paperless SaaS solution that increases efficiency and cuts labor costs.

Sam Hurkadli, the Due Diligence team member, shares their discoveries of the backflow market and how Jeremiah’s C3Backflow team is poised to bring their product to market.

SAC XI – SafKan

Sahil Diwan, the Co-founder and CEO of SafKan Ear Care, explains how they are close to manufacturing the first automated and wearable cerumen removal device for clinical use that will save time and cut labor costs for physicians on their current ear wax removal procedure.

Sahil explains how SafKan will go from doing trials to nationwide distribution and already has physicians signed up for their BETA program.

Swetha Kirpalani, the Due Diligence team leader, reports on how they discovered a lot about FDA regulations, the patent process, and manufacturing costs of the SafKan medical device product.

SAC XI – MetaArcade

David Reid, the CEO of MetaArcade, shares how his business built a platform to enable anyone who can write a story to create and publish their own narrative game that can be played on mobile devices and computers without any technical skills required; for free.

David also explains how their business is a low cost, high margin, massively scale-able content platform that works for any intellectual property.

Mahesh Jonnala, the Due Diligence team leader, reports on their findings of how MetaArcade expects to grow and gain traction in their budding market and gets more clarification on their potential customers.

SAC XI – HALO Report

Bob Crimmins, the emcee of the 11th Seattle Angel Conference, introduces Susan Preston, the Managing Member of Seattle Angel and the Chair of the Angel Resource Institute.

Susan explains the HALO Report is and how data was collected to track the trends in angel investing. She then explains the latest statistics for angel investors and shows how Seattle fits in with the national average.