Episode 27 | Community Panel

Episode 27 | Community Panel

Episode 27

Creatives Chat with Community Panel

This is our first Community Panel and we are excited to bring Creatives Minds together to discuss global issues that affect our daily lives.

The intent of this show is to provide an informative and insightful discussion on politics and global happenings in a world of increasing division.

Our guest panelist includes: Chase Endreson; Elijah LaCaze; Nicholas O'Hanlon; Zachary Gordon.

This discourse will serve as an example of how people can agree to disagree and still be polite, civil, and understanding. In addition, this chat is to provide a broader perspective on our community and demonstrate that we are more alike than different.

It's going to be an opportunity for everyone to really break down those tribal walls and learn some new perspectives.

Join us as we dive into the creative flow and chat about who knows what.

Creatives Chat is moderated by Peter Lucas and produced by Rusty Hill.