Episode 36 | Sarey Savy

Episode 36 | Sarey Savy

Episode 36

Creatives Chat with Sarey Savy

Join us as we chat with Sarey Savy, a Cambodian American singer-songwriter and producer from White Center.

Since making the decision to pursue music from the age of 12, Sarey has made his mark in various parts of the world as he has been on the front cover of the local "International Examiner"; garnered over 1 million streams on a song called "Games" with Italian producers Chris River & Pards; and his recent single "Company" recently charted at #26 on the Top 30 "Hit Dance" charts on Radio Norba in Italy.

We'll chat about Sarey's transition into being a full-time Artist without a Plan B and how he transcended personal challenges by getting out of his comfort zone and staying true to himself.

We'll also share self-reflections and how we can challenge ourselves to be independent thinkers.

For more info about Sarey Savy: www.SareyMusic.com

Join us as we get into the flow and chat about who knows what and why it matters.

Creatives Chat is hosted by Peter Lucas and produced by Rusty Hill.