Episode 43 | Anniversary Special

Episode 43 | Anniversary Special

Episode 43 | Creatives Chat Anniversary Special

We chat about about our first year anniversary and the lessons we have learned from our guests, plus some unexpected take-aways from producing our show.

We also share behind the scene insights from previous chats with (in order of appearance): Sarey Savy, Eric Floyd, Abbey Blackwell, Chamel Simmons, Darrius Willrich, Emanuel Brown, Sean Jones, Gary Barquet, Gerald Smiley, Big Red, Brittany Allyson, Paper Chase, Jill Swan, Ryan Van Hygan, Wendy R Wolf, Poeina and Dawn Spiegelberg.

Join us as we chat about tapping into the flow and real recognizing real.

Creatives Chat is hosted by Peter Lucas and produced by Rusty Hill.