Episode 45 | Janine Morigeau

Episode 45 | Janine Morigeau

Episode 45 Part 1

Creatives Chat with Janine Morigeau

In this episode we chat with Janine Morigeau, a career Tarot Reader and Spiritual Coach who also has a popular YouTube channel where she shares the truths that her Tarot cards reveal about what is happening in our world.

Join us for an organic chat about how Janine became a Tarot Reader, what Tarot means to her, the significance of the different types of Tarot decks and some of her amazing adventures.

Janine also shares her insights about: being red pilled by her own Tarot Card Readings and how
we can channel our Higher Self to coach our Ego Self to overcome challenges and grow from our life lessons.

Plus, Janine does a Tarot Reading for May 2021 and explains what the cards mean and how the world reflects our belief systems.

For more info about Janine, visit: Tarot By Janine

Episode 45 Part 2

After Show Convo with Janine Morigeau

We continue our chat with Janine Morigeau, a career Tarot Reader and Spiritual Coach: www.TarotByJanine.com

Janine shares how her children appeared to her in a vision before they were born and her connection to the Haida Gwaii in British Columbia and how she was called into action by the Haida Nation's Medicine Man.

Peter also asks Janine about 9/11 and how her Tarot Card Reading on a TV show in January that year predicted the events of 9/11 and revealed that it was an inside job.

We also chat about how our Spirit Guides help us through our life lessons and that we are given an opportunity on our life's journey to heal the wounds of our heart.

Creatives Chat is hosted by Peter Lucas and produced by Rusty Hill.