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Most of these videos were shot in a two hour recording session in our production studio with the green screen set behind our client. The videos are then created separately and added to the video inventory to be released and distributed at the client's discretion.

When we create our marketing content, we'll have the scripts prepared prior to the video shoot and loaded in a teleprompter to make the delivery smoother. Our clients will be bring a change of attire and often make several wardrobe changes in between takes. This gives our clients a fresh look for each video presentation.

We keep our video content short and sweet. When we create our marketing content, we'll take a presentation and break it down into mini-episodes only a couple of minutes long; this gives our clients more inventory with additional engagement opportunities.

Most of these videos are just two minutes long; some were recorded in our production studio with a virtual background set built behind our clients in post-production while some videos were shot on-location with info graphic inserts.



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