The Seattle Angel Conference is a recurring Seattle Angel-driven event where the investors create an LLC, engage in due diligence of the applying startup companies, and ultimately pool funds to invest in one of the presenting finalists.

Nov 15th, 2017 –  John Sechrest, Founder of  Seattle Angel Conference, explains how they help angel investors and entrepreneurs grow their businesses faster by providing them with workshops and resources.

Jay Beavers, the SAC XII LLC Manager, provides an update on past Seattle Angel Conference winners and shares an overview on the past investments SAC has made over the past 5 years.

Also, Max Baker, the Founder of Illumagear, talks about the progress his business has made since winning the very first Seattle Angel Conference.

Keynote Speaker Bonnie Foley-Wong is the founder of Pique Ventures and Pique Fund.
Bonnie is also the author of “Integrated Investing: Impact Investing with Head, Heart, Body and Soul” and the CFO of Crown NorthCorp Inc, a specialty financial services firm.

Bonnie explains how she began investing in startups and shares some of the success stories that have come out of it. She tells us how angel investing is a marathon and not a sprint by emphasizing the value of experiential due diligence and how the relationships between investors and founders should not be rushed.

Ish Singh, Co-founder of Foodli, explains how their app allows people to dine and dash by simply placing their order, reserving a table and paying for it online.

Foodli is a convenient new way that enhances the dining experience for restaurant customers by removing the wait to get seated, ordering their meals and paying the check.

Restaurants can also seat more customers in less time with a quicker turn around time by using the Foodli app and kiosk.

Jill Angelo, CEO of Genneve, shares how Genneve is a health management solution for women in midlife and helps women retain their confidence while transitioning through these changes.

Genneve is a first-of-its-kind cloud health platform that smart-matches women with health providers, products and communities based on their initial health assessment.

Genneve is a data company that earns their revenue through commerce, paid subscriptions and publishing; their community creates a multiplier in reaching the 50 million women in midlife who spend $26 billion annually.

Will Gordon, Co-founder of Latchel, explains how they take the pain out of rental property maintenance with their automated tool for property managers and landlords.


Congratulations to Latchel for winning SAC XII !

They received an investment check of $152,000.-

Latchel offers two levels of service by sourcing contractors and managing the job invoices for a 10% commission.

Latchel is continuously expanding their software tools to automate more aspects of the maintenance process and vendor sourcing.

Kwame Boler, the CEO of Neu, shares how the world’s largest hotel chain lacks a cleaning company to match its growth.

Neu is a dual marketplace that connects vetted cleaners with AirBnB hosts to facilitate hotel-grade turnovers.

Neu provides a stress and hassle free experience for both parties by acting as the intermediary and providing excellent customer service, linens, supplies and most importantly, increasing efficiency through their technology.

Priya Dandawate, CEO of Tousled explains how their app is used for their in-office salon and barber service and how they currently have contracts with Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon.

In the U.S., $62 billion is spent on barber, salon and spa services yet these services are fulfilled by going to the provider.

However, today’s consumers are seeking instant gratification through modern apps and Tousled fills this burgeoning gap by targeting an $18 billion subset of this $62 billion market.

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