The Seattle Angel Conference is a recurring Seattle Angel-driven event where the investors create an LLC, engage in due diligence of the applying startup companies, and ultimately pool funds to invest in one or more of the presenting finalists.

05/16/18 – Elaine Werfelli of Ecuiti Inc. shares an analysis on the growth and changes of the Seattle area angel ecosystem over the last several years.

05/16/18 – Tom Malone, CEO and Co-Founder of Fizikl, explains how his software business is automating warehouse inventory management by using drones and A.I.



05/16/18 – Nirav Shah, Founder of Sentinel Healthcare, explains how his device agnostic platform for FDA-approved wearables and remote medical monitoring integrates into the healthcare ecosystem and manages the data and reimbursements.

05/16/18 – Shawn Swanson, CEO and Co-Founder of Meds For All, explains how they intend to supply rescue drugs to those who can’t afford them.

05/16/18 – Daniel Low, CEO and Co-Founder of MDMetrix, explains how his business is going to bring A/B testing to clinical medicine.


05/16/18 – Alan Meekins, CEO of ROSHub, explains how his cloud robotics platform provides security and agile automation for developers, Original Equipment Manufacturers and the emerging Robots as a Service industry.


05/16/18 – SAC Emcee, Bob Crimmins of Startup Haven, announces the winner of the Audience Favorite award. Allen Nieman, SAC XIII LLC Manager, and John Sechrest, Seattle Angel Conference Founder, announce the winners of SAC XIII.

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