Serving Launch

The Launch Pad was a radio show with a webcast from 11/2015 – 11/2016 and was created by R Hill as a means of introducing our community to new startups and exciting projects that can make a profound impact in the way we experience our lives.

The Launch Pad was co-hosted with several entrepreneurs and we interviewed leaders of our ever-growing community to share their insights on creating a project, event or business and getting it off the ground.

Visit Serving Launch to get connected with your community today… or watch a couple of the vidcasts from the show below.

The Launch Pad Crew talk about being savvy with Paul Cutsinger, the head of voice design education at Amazon; where he works with developers to design and develop the next generation of customer experience: a voice based user experience.

The Launch Pad Crew interviews seasoned entrepreneur, Leland Gayles of LeeBren Construction to share his experience in how he transitioned from being a police officer to being self-employed and running a small business. And Lee’s son, Eddie Gayles, the CEO of Wimobia, tells us how Lee’s work ethic rubbed off on him.