SAC XI – Introduction

SAC XI – Introduction

SAC XI - Introduction 1

May 17th, 2017 – SAC XI

The Seattle Angel Conference is a recurring event where in each round the investors create an LLC, engage in due diligence, then ultimately pool funds to invest in one or more of the six presenting finalists.

Episode 1 – Intros and Alumni Updates

John Sechrest, the event organizer, welcomes everyone to the final presentations held at Impact Hub in Seattle, Washington.

John explains the goals of the angel fund and how this conference brings angel investors and entrepreneurs together, connects them to resources, and helps build their portfolios.

SAC Emcee, Bob Crimmins of Startup Haven, tells us how many new angel investors and businesses have participated over the years before he introduces Richard von Hagel, the SAC XI LLC Manager. Richard provides some disclaimers about the conference and public involvement then invites SAC Alumni to share a brief progress report.

Dema Poppa of Invio, winner of SAC X, explains how they are making advancements in their industry and have a new adviser.

James Day of Suncrest USA, Inc., alumni from SAC II, tells us how they are now an operational company and getting noticed on a national level.

Richard von Hagel shares some more SAC Alumni updates from HUBB,  JoyCamp Native, and TomboyX.