Show #20 | Rewriting Your Story

Show #20 | Rewriting Your Story

Live By Heart Today | Show #20 - Rewriting Your Story

Dawn and Wendy continue to focus on relationships with Self and others by putting our memories in proper perspective. We shift our identity when we release the pain of the past and embrace the positive present moment.

We will share how we are the narrators, the authors, and the editors of our lives and how we are able to choose more peace and truth. We will also explain how "Worry" can actually be quite creative and how we can leverage worrisome thoughts and make them productive by focusing on positive outcomes.

This is a show designed to help navigate change and uncertainty by talking a little bit about science, a little bit about how our body works, a little bit about intuition and a lot about transformation.

Live By Heart Today is a weekly talk show hosted by Dawn Spiegelberg, a Coherence Coach and Wendy R Wolf, a Professional Transformation Facilitator.

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