Show #29 | Responding vs. Reacting

Show #29 | Responding vs. Reacting

Live By Heart Today Show #29 | Responding vs. Reacting

When we sense a threat, it naturally puts us in a fight, flight or freeze mode that is a specific response necessary to keep our physical bodies safe. This is known as the Sympathetic Response.

There are also physiological responses in relation to that natural reaction that increases our heart rate and breathing as our body prepares to dump sugar into our bloodstream so we can take evasive action.

The opposite mode is known as the Parasympathetic Response which is a resting state when our body is calm because we feel safe and this allows us to renew our energy.

Over time, the Sympathetic Response becomes really draining and Scientists are now discovering that this stress response is what underlies most diseases but when we can shift into the Parasympathetic Response, that's when growth happens.

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