Show #41 | The Power of Commitments

Show #41 | The Power of Commitments

Live By Heart Today Show #41 | The Power of Commitments

Dawn and Wendy have a heart to heart about the power of commitment and how it can become a muscle that gets stronger with each commitment we make and keep.

Sometimes we need to draw a line in the sand and really declare it because it can help overcome challenging objectives.

Often we're strong around other people but we're not strong by ourselves and sometimes we're strong by ourselves but we're not strong around other people, so when we declare our commitments there's a benefit to that which keeps us accountable.

Join us as Dawn and Wendy share how the practice of heart coherence practice can create new possibilities that lead to a life we love.

Live By Heart Today is a weekly live stream hosted by Dawn Spiegelberg, a Coherence Coach and Wendy R Wolf, a Professional Transformation Facilitator.

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