Kim Hansen, The CEO and Co-founder of, shares how her team has created a social media interface for podcasts by taking a time-shifted media and turning it into an easily shareable experience with their transcription player and how is preparing to launch their product.

Stephen Hord, the Due Diligence team leader, shares their discoveries on how the talented team has an early opportunity to capture an emerging podcast industry.

SAC XI – Cross Connection Control

Jeremiah Church, the Co-founder of C3Backflow, explains the process of protecting our drinking water and keeping it safe with proper backflow systems.

Jeremiah shares how C3Backflow plans to earn revenue in a 3 billion dollar market that is drowning in paperwork by providing a paperless SaaS solution that increases efficiency and cuts labor costs.

Sam Hurkadli, the Due Diligence team member, shares their discoveries of the backflow market and how Jeremiah’s C3Backflow team is poised to bring their product to market.

SAC XI – SafKan

Sahil Diwan, the Co-founder and CEO of SafKan Ear Care, explains how they are close to manufacturing the first automated and wearable cerumen removal device for clinical use that will save time and cut labor costs for physicians on their current ear wax removal procedure.

Sahil explains how SafKan will go from doing trials to nationwide distribution and already has physicians signed up for their BETA program.

Swetha Kirpalani, the Due Diligence team leader, reports on how they discovered a lot about FDA regulations, the patent process, and manufacturing costs of the SafKan medical device product.

SAC XI – MetaArcade

David Reid, the CEO of MetaArcade, shares how his business built a platform to enable anyone who can write a story to create and publish their own narrative game that can be played on mobile devices and computers without any technical skills required; for free.

David also explains how their business is a low cost, high margin, massively scale-able content platform that works for any intellectual property.

Mahesh Jonnala, the Due Diligence team leader, reports on their findings of how MetaArcade expects to grow and gain traction in their budding market and gets more clarification on their potential customers.

SAC XI – HALO Report

Bob Crimmins, the emcee of the 11th Seattle Angel Conference, introduces Susan Preston, the Managing Member of Seattle Angel and the Chair of the Angel Resource Institute.

Susan explains the HALO Report is and how data was collected to track the trends in angel investing. She then explains the latest statistics for angel investors and shows how Seattle fits in with the national average.

SAC XI – Keynote Speaker

Bob Crimmins, the emcee of the tenth Seattle Angel Conference introduces the Keynote Speaker, Gillian Muessig; the Co-founder of MOZ, COO of BrettApproved, CEO of Outlines Venture Group, and the Founder and Host of CEO Podcast.

Gillian begins her talk with quotes and statistics by reputable resources that explain why one should not start a business as the failure rates are high and leads to depression then eventually burnout.

Gillian references other CEO’s quotes about how difficult it is to run a business, especially for a woman, as only 2.1% of the capital from venture capital companies went to businesses founded by women in 2016.

However, Gillian goes on to deftly navigate through contradictory data that supports there are successes among startups and what makes them exceptional.

SAC XI – Introduction

SAC XI - Introduction 1

May 17th, 2017 – SAC XI

The Seattle Angel Conference is a recurring event where in each round the investors create an LLC, engage in due diligence, then ultimately pool funds to invest in one or more of the six presenting finalists.

Episode 1 – Intros and Alumni Updates

John Sechrest, the event organizer, welcomes everyone to the final presentations held at Impact Hub in Seattle, Washington.

John explains the goals of the angel fund and how this conference brings angel investors and entrepreneurs together, connects them to resources, and helps build their portfolios.

SAC Emcee, Bob Crimmins of Startup Haven, tells us how many new angel investors and businesses have participated over the years before he introduces Richard von Hagel, the SAC XI LLC Manager. Richard provides some disclaimers about the conference and public involvement then invites SAC Alumni to share a brief progress report.

Dema Poppa of Invio, winner of SAC X, explains how they are making advancements in their industry and have a new adviser.

James Day of Suncrest USA, Inc., alumni from SAC II, tells us how they are now an operational company and getting noticed on a national level.

Richard von Hagel shares some more SAC Alumni updates from HUBB,  JoyCamp Native, and TomboyX.

SAC X – HALO Report

Bob Crimmins, the emcee of the tenth Seattle Angel Conference, introduces Susan Preston, the Managing Member of Seattle Angel and the Chair of the Angel Resource Institute. Susan explains what the HALO Report is and how it tracks the trends in angel investing throughout the United States. Susan goes on to explain how Seattle fits in with the national average and what the return multiple is for angel investors in this sector.

SAC X – Invio

Bob Crimmins, the emcee of the tenth Seattle Angel Conference, introduces Dema Poppa, the CEO of Invio, who explains how they make enterprise SaaS for clinical trials with a cloud-based platform for sharing medical research data in a regulatory compliant way between the participating hospitals and the central research administration.