Seattle, WA

Award Winning | Media Production

2019 Renton Award Program

Best Animation Studio

We would like to thank our clients for nominating Retro Earth Studio as the best animation studio in Renton for 2019. We were honored to be considered among the best and to actually win the award caught us completely off-guard.

Thank you again.

To us, this award means that all the extra time and effort we put into creating a great video doesn't go unnoticed. Going the extra mile isn't always an easy task - especially in a fact-paced, deadline-driven industry - and we do it anyway; because we think every project is special and we know it will eventually set us apart from the herd.

Animation is just one aspect of what we do and it is also the most time consuming. Often, a  ten second animated clip will take a couple of hours to complete. It requires a lot of concentration and patience to be able to hyper-focus on an animation project but the satisfaction derived from completing it - makes it all worthwhile.

And then to receive an award for doing something we love... is an unexpected bonus - and much appreciated.